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Jaeseok Heo

Postdoctoral Scholar


Dr. Heo is a Postdoctoral Scholar at North Carolina State University since 2011. His research interests include data assimilation and uncertainty quantification for the large scale thermal hydraulic system and optimization of design for small modular reactors. In the area of data assimilation and uncertainty quantification, he has mainly focused on reducing the uncertainty in thermal hydraulic transient predictions for nuclear power plant. For the design optimization, optimization methodologies were developed to design the experiments and nuclear power plant system so as to maximize the net savings, defined as the savings in nuclear power plant cost due to the modified design specifications minus the cost of the experiments. More recently his research focuses on the time dependent generalized perturbation theory and the reduced order modeling for high dimensional nonlinear systems.


Ph.D.   Nuclear Engineering, North Carolina State University (2011)

B.S.      Nuclear Engineering, Hanyang University, South Korea (2007)