CASL Thermal Hydraulics team had a considerable presence at the 14th International Topical Meeting on Nuclear Reactor Thermalhydraulics that took place in Toronto from Sept. 25-30, 2011. The NURETH series of conferences is an outstanding international technical forum on different topics related to thermalhydraulics and nuclear reactor safety with participation from leading practitioners and academic and industry researchers from around the world. NURETH-14 was organized by the Canadian Nuclear Society in cooperation with the Thermalhydraulics Division of the American Nuclear Society, the International Atomic Energy Agency and the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency, along with many co-sponsoring organizations from the Canadian and the international nuclear communities. The technical program consisted of approximately 430 papers that were down-selected from 632 abstracts and 530 draft papers thorough double-blind peer review. Several of CASL members (Jacopo Buongiorno from MIT; Yassin Hassan from Texas A&M) were part of the program committee.

This year two new sessions were organized completely dedicated to the thermal hydraulics activities within CASL. These sessions were titled “CASL –Thermalhydraulics Activities in the Consortium for Advanced Simulation of LWRs” and were co-chaired by Rob Lowrie from LANL and Jacopo Buongiorno from MIT. Here is the list of papers presented in these sessions by CASL members:

121 DNS for Multiphase Flow Model Generation and Validation; Gretar Tryggvason (University of Notre Dame), Jiacai Lu (Worcester Polytechnic Institute), Jacopo Buongiorno (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

254 Coupled Computational Fluid Dynamics and MOC Neutronic Simulations of Westinghouse PWR Fuel Assemblies With Grid Spacers; Jin Yan (Westinghouse Electric Company), Brendan Kochunas, Mathieu Hursin, Thomas Downar (University of Michigan), Andrew Godfrey (Oak Ridge National Laboratory), Zeses Karoutas (Westinghouse Electric Company), Emilio Baglietto (CD-adapco)

266 On the Development of Parallel Linear Solvers for Simulations of Reactor Thermalhydraulics; Yan Yan (Columbia University), Steven Antal, Brian Edge (RPI), David Keyes (Columbia University), Dillon Shaver, Igor Bolotnov, Michael Podowski (RPI)

338 Advanced Thermalhydraulic Method Using 3X3 Pin Modeling; Zeses Karoutas, Jin Yan, Michael Conner, Abdel Mandour (Westinghouse Electric Company)

500 Reactor Core Sub-Assembly Simulations Using a Stabilized Finite Element Method; Thomas Smith, John Shadid, Roger Pawlowski, Eric Cyr (Sandia National Laboratories)

504 Parameter Sensitivity Study of Boiling and Two-Phase Flow Models in Computational Thermalhydraulics; Isaac Asher, Timothy Drzewiecki, Krzysztof Fidkowski, Thomas Downar (University of Michigan)

360 Benchmarks for Interface-Tracking Codes in the Consortium for Advanced Simulation of LWRs (CASL); Despoina Chatzikyriakou, Jacopo Buongiorno (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Djamel Lakehal (MIT, ASCOMP Gmbh, Switzerland)

353 Subcooled Flow Boiling Experiment and Simulation for a Virtual Reactor; Masahiro Kawaji, Randy Samaroo, Joseph Kreynin, Taehun Lee, Sanjoy Banerjee (City College of New York)

365 Flow Induced Vibration Forces on a Fuel Rod by LES CFD Analysis; A. Elmahdi, R. Roger, M. Conner, Z. Karoutas (Westinghouse Electric Company), E. Baglietto (CD-adapco)
In addition, the following papers were presented by CASL members in other non-CASL sessions:

397 Integrated Particle Imaging Velocimetry and Infrared Thermometry for High Resolution Measurement of Subcooled Nucleate Pool Boiling; Xili Duan, Jacopo Buongiorno, Thomas Mckrell (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

337 Hydraulic Benchmark Data for PWR Mixing Vane Grid; Michael Conner (Westinghouse Electric Company), Elvis Dominguez-Ontiveros, Yassin Hassan (Texas A&M University)
With the Thermal Hydraulics effort ramping up, we can expect a much larger and active presence at NURETH-15.

14th International Topical Meeting on Nuclear Reactor Thermal hydraulics- NURETH-14, September 25-30, 2011, Toronto, Ontario, CANADA, Canadian Nuclear Society,